Sexy 8itches


aka the I’M NOT OKAY GIVEAWAY in which one of you lucky bastards is gonna get a survival pack for when the end comes

what you get:

(2) homestuck t-shirts, from whatpumpkin or topatco

(1) homestuck hoodie from whatpumpkin

(1) drawing of your homestuck OTP by indigonite

(3) albums from the homestuck bandcamp

(1) sbahj magnet pack OR a captchalogue board

assorted brazilian candy

(1) vial of my homestuck-loving tears

if you are following me you also get:

(1) large pizza. i will order you a pizza. 

(1) homestuck official poster

50 dollars worth of merchandise from ANOTHER FANDOM (cause we’ve gotta move on, kids)

rules motherfricker:

it ends when homestuck ends. the last upd8. the final animation.

likes count, reblog as much as you want, i don’t care

giveaway blogs count too i don’t care

i will ship anywhere in the world i don’t care

you have to have your ask box open so i can get your shipping info. if you don’t reply in three days i will pick someone else. sorry!

you can choose the t-shirt prints, pizza flavor, etc

also, hussie said new homestuck stuff is going to be added soon, so i might throw in a few more items later. don’t worry, you will get the updated bonanza bundle no matter which version you reblogged

good luck yall




Yes, there was a hidden update that was flashed very briefly on the [s] one.

[[ehrwv3irjwec i don’t even]]


Fun Fact: Nic Cage was almost in the Breakfast Club as Bender, but someone else was chosen.  

I don’t know what that movie is, 8ut I’m sure Nic would have 8een a much 8etter choice.


Spider invasion in Pakistan.

After an unprecedented flooding in Pakistan in 2010 endangered lives of many, millions of spiders climbed into trees to escape the rising floodwaters.

So pretty……..


Fresca-Female Platycryptus Undatus (by torn80cj)


Fresca-Female Platycryptus Undatus (by torn80cj)


a wall flower :&gt;



a wall flower :>


Love you guys too

[[Good to know I can joke around and everyone will hate on me for it. Because I was *obviously* serious when I was calling one of my best friends a loser, and using chat speak which I normally only use when I’m kidding/be sarcastic or mocking someone. Yup. I certainly feel loved. So loved that I had an anxiety attack. Thanks guys.]]